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Add assignee field to the Jira integration (1)
Show app version in crash report (1)
Network logs in Feedback (1)
Tortoise SVN Repository (2)
Improve build dashboard by making table rows links (3)
Have the jq tool pre-installed on mac VMs (2)
Update favicon based on build status (4)
Deployment Groups Across Org Apps (2)
Don't build PR until "special comment" is made (2)
Always display 'last build time' in header (1)
Add Swiftlint version as an org level setting (1)
[API] Know the pull request info (2)
Allow integration with Apple accounts without Admin-level permissions (2)
Multiple auto iTunes deployments (7)
Better linking/navigation (4)
Exit script successfully without triggering build (2)
Allow auto-device registration with apple dev portal to be configurable/disable-able (2)
Installing builds from Safari feels like it could be smoother / less confusing (1)
Display echos within iOS build phase scripts within logs (1)
Android Lint chart (1)
Create new access role between full/readonly that can manage distribution lists and make deployments (1)
Document `buddybuild_finally.sh` (2)
Support for Marathon Swift Scripting (3)
Branch-specific configurations (4)
Bug integrating buddybuild SDK: "None of the requisite flags to start the BuddyBuild SDK are enabled." (5)
Return warning and error count from build process (3)
If tests fail, the status is 'Build Error' (1)
Nominate Billing Contact Information for an Organisation (1)
Integration with GitLab Issues (3)